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Optical distance measurement sensors are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and research applications. Most sensors use a visible or infrared laser beams to project a spot of light onto a target, the surface to which the distance is to be measured. The distance from the spot back to the light-detecting portion of the sensor is then measured in one of several ways. Acuity employs triangulation and modified time-of-flight principles in its laser measurement sensors.

There are many factors to consider when specifying a laser distance sensor. They include maximum range, sensitivity, target reflectance and specularity, accuracy and resolution, environmental conditions, and sample rate.

Please exploit the following valuable resources for learning more about laser measurement sensors:

-Glossary of terms common to laser measuring sensors

- Frequently Asked Questions about troubleshooting applications of our laser sensors.

-Performance of laser sensors on specular and diffuse targets, including an in depth consideration of laser displacement sensor accuracy, resolution and repeatability. This page also reveals the truth about laser spot size and its effects on measurement accuracy and resolution

-Available methods for measuring distance using laser sensors including triangulation (AR200 and AR700 series) and time-of-flight (AR4000, AR1000 and AR3000). Our experts offer advice for selecting visible or infrared laser diodes in distance measuring sensors

-Safety is crucial to the successful use of laser sensors. See our Laser Safety Resource Guide.

-You know you the Acuity laser sensor will solve your measurement challenge, but you need help implementing it? See our list of recommended professional integrators of Acuity lasers into industrial applications.

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