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Below is a list of businesses that have extensive experience using Acuity laser measurement sensors and scanners. We understand that not all customers have the in-house expertise to install a laser sensor within their application and we gladly make this list available to help get your application up and running quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an Acuity expert.

Concept systems specializes in the Acuity laser line scannerConcept Systems, Inc.
You've found the Systems Integration team with the experience and expertise you demand for your plant information and automation needs. With experience ranging from PLC and DCS based controls, Motion Control and Vision Inspection, Green Field facilities and OEM Retrofits, Database Applications and Recipe Management to Production Asset Management systems, Concept Systems is the leader in providing value on your production floor.

Custom Lab Software Systems, Inc.
CLSS specializes in cost-effective development of PC-based and embedded data acquisition and control systems. They are a preferred integrator located in Connecticut, United States and they serve various markets including Aerospace, Biomedical and Scientific Research. Custom Lab Software Systems typically uses Acuity's AR200, AR600 and AR700 series sensors. Their applications are varied, but are almost always demand the tightest tolerances using the most resolute sensor models. CLSS also developed Acuity Demo Software which is available for free download.

Voler Division of Strawberry Tree, Inc.
Voler connects hardware and software together by designing high quality electronics, software, and systems. Voler has extensive experience with Acuity laser sensors and laser line scanners.

Integrator of Acuity laser scanners CIA Engineering
CIA Engineering is a designer of custom machinery and automated systems with a strong background in the use of various laser ranging techniques. CIAE has built triangulation and time-of-flight lasers into various machines for profiling or distance measurement and has used Acuity lasers in systems for scanning the insides of refinery pipes and vessels.
Daryl Rutt
905- 642-9336

integrators of Acuity AR600 and AR4000 rangefinders in the steel industry Sequence Technologies, Inc.
This southeastern US company has expertise in the metal-working industries. They successfully integrate Acuity AR600 laser displacement sensors and AR4000 laser rangefinders into steel mills and they specialize in measuring to glowing hot metal. Sequence also manufactures their own high temperature enclosures. Ask for John Williams.

specializing in thickness measurements using Acuity lasers.  Labview expertsLaser-view Technologies
This company was founded in 1999 as an integrator of precision laser micrometers, laser sensors, and machine vision into smart and easy to use non-contact measurement and inspection systems. They specialize in laser based thickness, distance, and diameter measurements, as well as specialized dimensional profiling. Located near Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Crandun Technologies
No company has more experience writing application software for Acuity products than Crandun! This company is also the author of the software libraries that Acuity markets for all of its products. If you want to cut your software writing efforts into a third, take a closer look at the software libraries or call Crandun.

integrators of Acuity laser line scanners for log and wood chip dimensioningWOODTECH Measurement Solutions
Woodtech (formerly Excelsys) is a large and skilled organization located in Santiago, Chile. WoodTech has vast experience with Acuity laser line scanners since 2002. They have developed several scanner product solutions around the Acuity device to scan truck loads of logs, wood chips and coal. With their LogMeter product, they specialize in systems to scan logging trucks for pulp and paper mills. They are eager to enter new applications with the Acuity line scanner that serve as variations of their core scanner and machine vision expertise.
++ 56 2 206 0065

Sistrol Automatizacion Industrial SISTROL, c.a.
Sistrol is a most capable integrator located in Valencia, Venezuela. Designated as a Rockwell Automation Solution Provider, this company is active in a variety of industries including automotive, steel, food, pharmaceuticals and general machine building. Sistrol can not only help specifiy the most appropriate sensors, but can integrate them with other electromechanical hardware, software programming and PLC interfacing. For the right job, Sistrol will travel to other South American countries. Contact:
Phone : +58-(241) 8716672

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