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Technical data for the Acuity laser line scanner
Access to specifications, manuals and drawings for the AccuRange scanner

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Acuity line scanner chassis with AR4000 and spinning mirrorThe laser line scanner consists of a balanced, rotating mirror and motor with position encoder, and mounting hardware for use with the AR4000. The scanner deflects the AR4000 sensor's laser beam 90 degrees, sweeping it through a full circle as it rotates. The standard encoder (Agilent brand) resolution is 4096 counts per revolution.

The Acuity laser line scanner has an elliptical mirror situated at a 45° angle to deflect the outgoing laser spot and the return signal. The mirror is engineered the highest optical standards with 96% reflectance.

Using the High Speed Interface Card, the line scanner can sample up to 200 KHz*. With a maximum mirror rotational speed of 2600 rpm, the line scanner can sample 4615 distance measurements per revolution.

Typically, engineers will use the AR4000-LIR rangefinder in conjunction with the line scanner because the LIR can measure to most surfaces in most conditions. Although the AR4000-LIR is a Class IIIB laser product, the laser class CAN BE reduced when operated with the line scanner. The line scanner sweeps the laser spot at very high speeds and the effective power is reduced. So long as the mirror is always spinning, the radiation danger to the human eye is reduced to the levels of a Class I laser (eye-safe). In these cases, the integrator is responsible for safety interlocks to guarantee that the laser is disabled until the mirror spins. For more information, go to Acuity's laser safety page.

AccuRange™ line scanner data sheet
This two-page specification brochure shares all of the technical details about the scanner including electrical, mechanical, software and physical specifications. Other helpful information can be found in the data sheets for the specific high speed interface card.
Download the AccuRange line scanner Data Sheet

Acuity's line scanner User's Manual
This user's manual is a multi-page document which explains how to operate and install the line scanner hardware including the spinning mirror assembly and motor encoder.
Download the AccuRange line scanner User's Manual

Mechanical drawings of line scanner assembly

This PDF version of a CAD file shows the dimensions of the line scanner assembly.
Download the AccuRange line scanner Assembly Drawingl
Adobe PDF file size 17 KB

Download the AccuRange line scanner Chassis Drawing
Adobe PDF file size 45 KB

Download the Line Scanner Enclosure Schematic
Adobe PDF File Size 63 KB

Demo Software for Line Scanner
This zip file contains a simple program developed by an integrator of the Acuity laser line scanner. Use this program for simple data collection and archiving to a data file. This data can then be imported into Microsoft® Excel.
Download the Line Scanner Demo Program
Zip File Size 1.3 MB

Technical data for Acuity scanner