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High speed interface cards, software and environmental enclosures

The key elements of an Acuity laser scanner are an AR4000 laser rangefinder, the spinning mirror assembly (line scanner) and a high speed interface card. The options available for the AccuRange line scanner include an environmental enclosure and several choices of high speed interface cards. Additionally, Acuity offers several software libraries to ease your programmer's burden of developing application software for the Acuity hardware

AccuRange High Speed Interface Cardshigh speed interface card for Acuity laser scanning
High Speed Interface Cards - The AccuRange High Speed Interface are used to increase the sample rate capability of AccuRange 4000 sensors and the AccuRange Line Scanner, using any PC computer with a PCI, PC104 or ISA bus.

By definition, the interface cards enable high speed sampling by the rangefinder. The High Speed Interface card permits the tracking of encoder positions in the AccuRange Line Scanner. It can sample all the AccuRange outputs at up to 200,000 times per second and buffer the data for reading by the host computer. The results are a list of polar coordinates of a distance measurement with a corresponding encoder (mirror position) reading. The board is available in a PCI, PC-104 or ISA bus interfaces. All models sample to 50 KHz. Acuty also offers a 200 KHz version for the PCI format. 200 KHz models require special hardware configurations of the AR4000's back panel. The high speed range frequency signal is transmitted on a dedicated coaxial cable that goes from the rangefinder to pin 6 of the 9-pin connector. See the PCI 200 KHz High Speed Interface user's manual for more information.

> Download PCI High Speed Interface Data Sheet File size 170 KB

> Download PCI 50 KHz High Speed Interface User's Manual File size 1.3 MB

> Download PCI 200 KHz High Speed Interface User's Manual File size 617 KB

> Download ISA / PC-104 High Speed Interface Data Sheet File size 501 KB

> Download ISA / PC-104 High Speed Interface User's Manual File size 298 KB

Line Scanner environmental enclosure
Click to Enlarge a picture of the line scanner enclosure schematicLine Scanner Environmental Enclosure is a specially-designed enclosure for the AccuRange line scanner that protects the equipment from dirt and dust in industrial environments. It is a NEMA-4 housing for the AR4000 with Line Scanner and the AR4000 power supply. It has a field of view of 105 degrees.

The window is anti-reflection coated window mounted at an angle that prevents reflections from returning to the mirror or to the sensor face. For use in ambient temperatures above 80 F, it is available with a cooling fan or can be used with externally supplied cooling air. The enclosure is available in gray painted steel or brushed stainless.

> Download the Line Scanner Enclosure Schematic Adobe PDF File Size 63 KB

Crandun Technologies Software libraries for Acuity products
Crandun software is a developer's kit for the Acuity laser scannerSoftware libraries for the line scanner drastically ease the programmer's burden of writing application code. The product is written by Crandun Technologies. The CTI-HSIF Software Library provides a "plug-and-play" software interface to the Acuity AR4000 laser distance sensor and High-Speed Interface Card, so you can concentrate on your application functionality, rather than on hardware interfacing or data collection details.

These software libraries are licensed on a per-sensor-basis and discounts are available for multi-sensor users. To convince yourself of the value of these software libraries, read our Top Ten reasons to purchase Crandun software libraries.

> Download the CTI HSIF PCI (Windows, for 50 KHz) Software Library from the Crandun website.
You will need to purchase a keycode to run this library with your sensor.

The Acuity laser line scanner with spinning mirror