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The Acuity laser scanner
Non-contact profiling using laser technology for digitizing 2D and 3D
laser line scanner for 2D and 3D scanningThe AccuRange Line Scanner is precise spinning mirror assembly that when coupled with Acuity's laser rangefinder, creates a laser scanner. The laser scanner sweeps a laser spot through a 360° rotation for the measuring of profiles and scenes. The AccuRange line scanner is often further integrated to create a 3D laser scanner.

To implement Acuity's 2D laser line scanner, it is necessary to use the AR4000 laser rangefinder, the AccuRange line scanner and a high speed interface card. The HSIF card increases the sampling rate and reads the encoder on back of the spinning mirror. The result is an accurate collection of point cloud data in polar coordinate form.

The Acuity laser line scanner with spinning mirror