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3D scanners using Acuity laser line scanners are used to scan crime scenes
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Acuity's line scanner provides a strong foundation for 2D and 3D profiling systems. Using an AR4000 laser rangefinder, the system can scan objects or scenes up to 54 feet away with remarkable resolution. The angular resolution is also quite resolute with the precision 4096 Agilent encoder

The Forest Products industry frequently uses the Acuity laser line scanner for measuring log lengths, log diameters or to scan a log on a moving conveyor for purposes of sawmill optimization.

Common applications for this equipment include scanners for profiling truck beds. Here, the scanner is mounted above a truck exit lane and a profile is created as the truck drives beneath the laser scanner.

The Acuity laser line scanner can also create spiral scan profiles of tunnels, drums and other vessels.

Another use of the laser scanner is at the heart of as-built scene digitizing. Here, integrators use a 3D laser scanner to collect distance data points for the creation of "As Built" drawings of factories and plants.

Typical integration time of a line scanner system may take up to two months for organizations prepared to assemble the hardware and write software code to operate the system. This library of applications should give an indication of the possibilities attainable with this Acuity product.

> Acuity line scanners for sawmill optimization and bucking
> 3D laser scanners from an Acuity line scanner
> 3D images created from laser range and reflectance values
> Scanning logging trucks using multiple line scanners
> Volume scanning of wood chip loads
> Laser scanners for coke drum inspections
> Three dimensional scanning in energy research
> LIDAR sensors in Archaeology and Anthropology

The Acuity laser line scanner profiles