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3rd tech uses Acuity line scanners for laser scanning and point cloud generation
Laser scanners for truck trailer profiling
CIA integrates the Acuity line scanner into a laser profiling archway for trucks carrying wood mulch

Truck Trailer Profiling brings strong return on investment

Custom Industrial Automation is an integrator of mechanical, electrical, software and control systems. They have used the AccuRange line scanner to develop a system that senses the profile of material within a tractor trailer. In one instance, they profile trucks carrying tree bark mulch.The scanner measures the volume of bark mulch in bulk delivery trucks, replacing manual methods of climbing into the trailer or counting loader bucket-fulls

Laser scanner for deliver truck profiling

The scanner is mounted onto an arch support under which the trucks drive. As the truck passes beneath the scanner, a laser distance profile of the trailer and its contents is created. By subtracting the known "empty" volume of the container, the vendor can easily calculate the appropriate load and price of materials. This scanner system improves overall billing accuracy and can bring a return on investment within one season.

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3D scanning using lasers from Acuity