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Sawmill optimization using Acuity laser scanners
Scanning truck loads with a laser scanner
Woodtech scans truck loads of logs, chips, or coal with Acuity laser scanners to determine volume and log characteristics

Automatic scanning of truck loads replaces less precise measurement methods

Woodtech develops and commercializes measurement solutions for high-value raw materials.  These solutions include the Logmeter®, Chipmeter®, and Coalmeter® product lines, which use 3D laser scanner technology coupled with state of the art image recognition software to measure the volume and biometric characteristics of log, chip, and coal loads.

Acuity laser scanner used by Woodtech Measurement Solutions to scan truck loads of logs

point clouds of scanned logs on a truckWoodtech products use either one or three synchronized laser scanners mounted on the top and/or sides of a measurement portal. Each scanner uses the AR4000-LIR, line scanner, PC104 high speed interface card and the environmental enclosure. Trucks drive beneath the portal at a constant speed while the system collects profile data from all sides. Software then separates the load from the vehicle, calculates the bulk and solid volume of the load, and in the case of log loads also measures the characteristics of the load such as lengths, diameters, and quality factors.  The whole process takes about a minute.

Studies carried out with current Woodtech customers show that the benefits for a plant can translate into savings of millions of dollars per year.  For mills replacing manual measurement, the installation of a Woodtech solution means more precise, objective, and significantly faster measurements.  The replacement of weight measurement solves the problem of paying for moisture content as well as the corresponding extra transport costs.  For all mills, Woodtech solutions store the results and images of its measurements, thus providing auditing benefits and reduction in risk of theft or fraud.   

Woodtech’s mission is to be a worldwide preferred supplier for measurement solutions.  For more information, please contact Woodtech Measurement Solutions uses Acuity laser measurement products or send them an

Profiling of truck loads