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Coke Drum Vessel Inspection

Quest Tru-Tec Services uses the AccuRange line scanner to inspect the condition of coke drum vessels. Bulges and cracks in coke drum walls have been a constant problem for many years. Before laser measurement Tru-tec drum inspectiontechnology, bulge detection and measurement required internal scaffolding and personnel entry into the drum; Quest Tru-Tec's Coke Drum Integrity Assessment program combines a laser mapping technique with a visual inspection via video camera to detect defects in coke drum shells.

A laser distance measurement tool is mounted to a tensioned cable and lowered into the drum. Measurements are taken from the top flange to the bottom cone area. The tensioned cable provides a vertical reference for each scan; therefore, repeatability and comparison of subsequent scans can be used to determine bulge growth rate. Baseline drum scans will provide plant personnel with data that can be used for comparison and determination of bulge growth rates with future scans.
Quest Tru-Tec's laser measurement system acquires up to 10 measurements per square inch. With a Laser Drum Scan you will be able to locate the position and severity of bulges. This information will be reported to you along with a color contour map produced from the scan results. The provided Laser View software precisely pinpoints the position and accurately measures the severity of bulges.

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Bulges and defects in coke drums is a major engineering challenge. A white paper on the importance of coke drum inspection can explains the popular techniques employed and the economic benefits of using these techniques.

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