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Laser scanner integrator scans trailers to calculate wood chip volumes

Pulp and Paper Mills now purchase wood chips by volume instead of weight

Woodtech develops and commercializes measurement solutions for high-value raw materials.  Below is an application profile for a system designed to scan trailers filled with wood chips and forest residue.

trailer load profiling for load volume measurement

3D scanned image of truck hauling wood chipsThe CHIPMETER® 4000 uses a synchronized laser scanner to measure the volume of chip and forest residue loads, thus it is exempt from the problems that traditional measurement systems experience.

Chips made from recently-harvested wood contain a high moisture content that can reach as high as 100%, meaning that they can be twice as heavy as dry chips. As mills want to minimize their transport costs (in tons), it makes sense to buy dry chips, a decision which is actually less-favorable to their productive process. On the other hand, wet chips create an uncertainty with regards to the mill’s raw material intake. Due to perverse incentives, conflicts arise between the forest owners, service companies, and the mills, which are difficult to resolve. Additionally, reconciling the weight of the harvest wood with the weight of the standing wood becomes an imprecise and laborious task.

Manual measurement techniques are common, but are subjective and imprecise given the difficulty of measuring the surfaces' irregular topographies. A volume overestimate implies an increase in raw material costs. Furthermore manual volume measurement methods are slow and expensive to support.

The CHIPMETER® 4000 scanner uses the AR4000-LIR, line scanner, PC104 high speed interface card, and the environmental enclosure to measure not only the frame volume of chip and forest residue loads, but also the empty volume of containers (allowing for verification of the tare), the load width and length, and the average load density (when used in conjunction with the weight).

CHIPMETER® 4000’s volume measurement system creates numerous benefits for mills such as cost reduction (transport, raw material, manpower, etc.), complete auditing of measurements, faster measurements, and consistency in the supply chain, among others.

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Profiling of trailers hauling wood chips