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3rd tech uses Acuity line scanners for laser scanning and point cloud generation
3D images created from laser range and reflectance values
University graduate student develop a program to generate photograph-quality images from laser rangefinder data

The images below were created by Lars Nyland, Anselmo Lastra, and Voicu Popescu, Computer Science, UNC at Chapel Hill using the AR4000, the Line Scanner, and the Pan-Tilt Head and software written at Chapel Hill.

image created with reflectance values using the return signal strength of the AR4000 laser rangefinder and scanner
The first image is a reflectance map, obtained from the AR4000's signal strength output as the beam was scanned.

The second is a range map taken using the AR4000's range output, with lighter shades representing greater distances.

The bottom image is a color photo of the same area. Note the checkerboard squares that are not evident in the range map, but quite clear in the reflectance map.

3D scanning using lasers from Acuity