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3rd tech uses Acuity line scanners for laser scanning and point cloud generation
3D laser scanner from an Acuity line scanner
3rd Tech develops a 3D scene digitizer using the Acuity line scanner and laser rangefinder
3rd Tech Deltasphere 3000

3rdTech uses the AccuRange Line Scanner and PC104 High Speed Interface Card to deliver a customized 3D scanner, the DeltaSphere™3000 Laser 3D Scene Digitizer. Their target market is crime scene investigation tools for law enforcement.

They integrate the Acuity products with a digital color camera to capture measurement and color data for the development of Movie: Debunking the Mystery of the Great Stone Spheres using 3rd Tech Deltasphere scanning laservarious models. The 3D scanner generates point cloud data that is later used to capture images of scenes. Typical applications include models of crime and accident scenes, “As Built” images of factories and object scanning for virtual presentations. The scanner has been used by scientists to scan the Great Stone Spheres of Costa Rica to determine their degree of "roundness".

AccuRange Line Scanners are well-suited for capturing 3D point clouds for object and environmental reconstruction. AccuRange Line Scanners couple the AR4000 sensor with a spinning mirror and encoder assembly. The system reports distance data up to 54 feet as well as a precise encoder readings. Line Scanners are also used for measuring the profile of paved roads, wood logs and truck beds.

image of jeep taken with laser line scanner from 3rd tech

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3D scanning using lasers from Acuity