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Helpful data sheets, manuals, configuration software and brochures for our non-contact metrology products

Acuity automation sensors brochureThe importance of synchronizing lasers ensors for accurate thickness measurementThis page includes a compilation of all items that can be downloaded throughout our website. The list includes data sheets, manuals, demonstration software and brochures for Acuity laser line scanners, laser measurement sensors and laser displacement sensors. Download the Acuity Automation Brochure to the right >

Our website is a portal of resources for optical measurement devices and we want to build relathionships with new customers of our products. As such, we kindly request you complete permission forms for some of our documentation listed with a star (*). Thank you..

AR200 - the compact laser measurement sensor

> AR200 data sheet *
> AR200 User's Manual *
> Demo software * (NEW)
> AR200 Connectivity Interface User's Manual
> Procedure for connecting a 9 pin plug
> Crandun software library for AR200
> Mechanical schematics of AR200

AR600 - rugged laser displacement sensor

> AR600 data sheet *
> AR600 User's Manual *
> Demo software * (NEW!)
> Crandun software library for AR600

AR700 - laser distance gages

> AR700 data sheet *
> AR700 User's Manual *
> Demo software * (NEW)

AR1000 - laser distance sensors

> AR1000 data sheet *
> AR1000 User's Manual *
> AR1000 / AR3000 configuration and demo software *
> AR1000 Quick Start Guide
> AR1000 Connectivity Guide - connecting sensor to a Connectivity Kit
> AR1000 / AR3000 Connection instructions to Connectivity Kit for RS232 or RS422 (NEW)

AR3000 - distance measurement sensors

> AR3000 data sheet *
> AR3000 User's Manual *
> AR1000 / AR3000 configuration and demo software *
> AR1000 / AR3000 Connection instructions to Connectivity Kit for RS232 or RS422 (NEW)

AR4000 - laser rangefinders

> AR4000 data sheet *
> AR4000 User's manual *
> Crandun software library for AR4000 using serial output
> Mechanical drawing of AR4000

AccuRange line scanner and HSIF cards

> AccuRange line scanner data sheet *
> AccuRange line scanner user's manual *
> Line scanner assembly drawing with dimensions
> Line scanner chassis drawing with dimension
> Line scanner enclosure schematic
> PCI HSIF data sheet
> PCI HSIF 50 KHz user's manual
> PCI HSIF 200 KHz user's manual
> ISA / PC-104 data sheet
> ISA / PC-104 user's manual
> Crandun software library manual for ISA / PC-104 HSIF card
> Demo Line Scanner program

Touch Panel Display

> Touch Panel Display data sheet
> Touch Panel Display Users Manual

Other Technical Documents

> Acuity Product Listing
> Synchronizing two laser sensors for thickness measurements
> Material thickness measurement on a roller drum


Download Acuity technical specifications and manuals