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Common industrial applications for laser sensors and acanners
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Applications for Acuity laser sensors and scanners
Thickness gaging, glowing steel, product profiling, lumber measurements and road profiles

Acuity laser measuring sensors and rangefinders are used in many applications throughout industry, government and academia. This page lists a sampling of the uses for Acuity laser sensors. If you have an interesting application for Acuity products, we would be glad to add it to our library in exchange for a 5% discount on your purchase. If anononmity is requested, we will not reveal the customer name. Otherwise, we will be glad to credit all sources of contributions to our online library.

AR4000 laser rangefinder applications

> Hoist application for Acuity laser rangefinder
> Sawmill automation with AR4000 rangefinder
> Laser sensors used for road profiling
> Rangefinders in the cattle industry
> Cement and mineral industries use laser rangefinders

AR3000 laser distance sensor applications

> Hoist application for Acuity laser rangefinder
> Helicopter altitude measurement with AR3000 laser sensor

AR700 laser distance gauge applications

> High speed longitudinal road surface profiling
> Rubber thickness measurement
> Plywood thickness measurements

AR600 laser displacement sensor applications

> AR600 laser distance sensors in the metals industry
> Lumber measurement using laser displacement sensors
> Laser sensor used for road profiling
> Rubber thickness measurement
> Steel slab width measurement sensors
> Thickness measurement using dual AR600 laser sensors
> Concrete block profile using AR600 laser displacement sensor
> Plywood sheet thickness gauging

AR200 laser measurement sensor applications

> AR200 laser measurement sensors in wafer fabrication
> Acuity triangulation sensors in a steel strip mill
> Postal automation using laser measuring devices
> Automotive testing with laser sensors
> Laser caliper from a pair of AR200 laser measurement sensors

AccuRange laser line scanner applications

> Acuity line scanners for sawmill optimization and bucking
> 3D laser scanners from an Acuity line scanner
> 3D images created from laser range and reflectance values
> Scanning logging trucks using multiple line scanners
> Volume scanning of wood chip loads
> Laser scanners for coke drum inspections
> Three dimensional scanning in energy research
> LIDAR sensors in Archaeology and Anthropology

Applications for laser displacement sensors and laser scanners