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Device firmware update for the Acuity Touch Panel Display

Monitor mulitple distance lasers with a single display

Firmware updates are simple through the USB portThe Acuity Touch Panel Display is a simple, yet powerful, control and display meter for laser distance sensors. Our engineers are constantly developing the features of the TPD and users of the device can easily update their systems with the latest device firmware versions.

To upgrade the firmware of your TPD unit for the FIRST TIME, you will need to download a zip file containing two items, the "bitmap loader" and the firmware file itself. The Bitmap loader is a small piece of software that removes the old firmware version and installs the new version. User's must provide their own USB cable, simialar to that used with most digital cameras, to connect their TPD to a PC computer.

Acuity™ Touch Panel Display Firmware Update
This zip file contains the necessary files and instructions for upgrading your Acuity Touch Panel Display to the latest revision of firmware (version 1.0.090603).
Download the Acuity TPD Firwmare Update Files zip file
(Zip file 650 KB)

Acuity™ Touch Panel Display User's Manual
This user's manual is a multi-page document which explains how to operate and install the display hardware.
Download the Acuity TPD Users Manual (PDF 2.5MB)

Acuity Touch Panel Display for laser distance sensors and rangefinders