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Touch Panel Display for Acuity™ laser sensors

Standalone controller and terminal with touch screen

Controller and Display for Acuity laser distance sensorsThe Touch Panel Display can control Acuity laser sensors and display their distance readings. Using serial communications, this smart terminal includes firmware applications for calculating thickness and other dimensions without the need for a computer or software programming.

Ready to start using your Acuity sensor within minutes of unpacking the box? The Touch Panel display is a compact controller and display that communicates directly with your Acuity sensor through the serial interface. Intuitive menu selections make configuring the system simple and fast. The unit can display sensor outputs in metric or Imperial unit and can be programmed with different font colors to signify limits and alarms.

Plug two Acuity sensors into the Touch Panel Display for instant material thickness measurements. Previously, this could only be accomplished through the use of PC's and expensive PLC's. Now such calculations are routine and require no engineering talent to program. The Touch Panel Display with color TFT display is designed to work with Acuity AR200, AR700, AR1000, AR3000 and AR4000 laser sensors.

This unit is ideal for bench top applications in research facilities and industrial panel installations. When panel-mounted, the unit is NEMA-4X (IP67) protected an has keycode-protected lockout features to prevent unwanted tampering. Take a close look at the Acuity Touch Panel Display and realize the benefits of using non-contact optical sensors without expensive programming and integration. Please feel free to contact Acuity for more information after reviewing the technical details of this great new solution.

Acuity Touch Panel Display for laser distance sensors and rangefinders