Displacement Analysis Sensors

Acuity non-contact sensors use laser to accurately gauge distances for displacement and dimensioning measurements

Laser measurement sensor - AR200 Short-range sensors

Acuity's four AR200 models have measurement spans of 6, 12, 25 and 50 mm. These devices aim a Class 2 visible laser spot onto a target to accurately gauge its distance. Designed to withstand difficult industrial environments, the AR200 laser sensors are commonly used in forest products, medical and high tech, and other industries.

All models are standard with Analog, Limit Switch and Serial outputs. These laser sensors can be programmed using serial commands through a PC computer.

laser distance gauges use triangulationMedium-
range sensors

Acuity's thirteen AR700 models have measurement spans from 3 to 1270 mm and demonstrate the highest resolution of any Acuity sensor products. The maximum frequency response is 9.4 KHz. Designed for rugged industrial installations, typical applications include tire and rubber manufacturing, road profiling, hot steel dimensioning and general thickness measurements.

All AR700 sensors are standard with Analog, Limit Switch, RS232 and RS422 interfaces.

laser rangefinders use time of flight measurement principlesLong-
range sensors

Measuring up to 300 m to natural targets, Acuity offers several rangefinders to meet your application requirements. The AR1000, A3000 and AR4000 series sensors endure tough industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors. Typical uses include crane and hoist positioning, silo measurements and steel length systems.

Each rangefinder model is standard with Serial interface for computer control or optional analog output for simlple integration with PLC's.

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Laser measurement sensors
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