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AR700 distance gauge technical data

Principles of operation and discussion of technical specifications
AR700 triangulation representation for measuringSee below for technical data DOWNLOADS

The Acuity AR700 laser distance sensor employs triangulation measurement principles whereby it projects a beam of visible (or optionally, infrared) laser light that creates a spot on a target surface. Reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by a digital CMOS line scan camera inside the AR700 sensor. The target’s displacement is computed from the image pixel data.

The AccuRange 700 series includes thirteen measurement ranges from 1/8th inch to 50 inches (3.2 mm to 1.3 m). The linearity specification is among the best in the industry, +/-0.03% of the sensor's measuring span.

This distance sensor, similar to the AR200 is standard with a variety of serial and analog outputs. On either RS232 or RS422, data formats include ASCII English, metric, native and two binary outputs. The sensor can output error codes for: Target too near, Target too far, Target not seen and Laser off. Analog outputs include a 4-20 mA current loop, 0-10V outputs and two NPN sinking limit switches. All parameters and settings are selectable from pushbuttons on the sensor or through PC serial commands.

Do you already own an AR700 and are unsure which model it is? You can cross-reference the stamped part number with the offical Acuity Model Number by reviewing our product offering list.

AccuRange™ 700 sensor data sheet
This two-page specification brochure shares all of the technical details about the sensor including electrical, mechanical, software and physical specifications. The data sheet describes the principles of laser triangulation, a glossary of terms pertinent to this sensor and displays a comparison chart for all twelve AR700 models. Please note that our data sheets are updated frequently and the latest revisions reside on this website.
Download the AccuRange 700 laser distance gauge Data Sheet

Acuity's AR700 sensor User's Manual
This user's manual is a multi-page document which explains how to operate and install the sensor hardware. Download the AccuRange 700 device User's Manual

Acuity's AR700 Power / Data interface User's Manual
This two-page diagram shows how to make connections between the sensor and the terminal blocks within the interface box for power and data output.
Download the Power / Data Interface User's Manual Adobe PDF file size 800 KB

laser sensor series AR700 technical specifications