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AR600 sensors in the steel industry
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AR700 laser displacement sensor in the metals industry
Acuity sensors can measure to hot, radiating targets with great accuracy and repeatability

AR600 sensors measure slab width of radiating steel during manufacturingThe steel industry demands accurate measuring equipment to be used under difficult circumstances.

The environment is harsh, with high dust content and hot temperatures. The targets, hot metal, can be especially difficult because they radiate glowing light at elevated temperatures.

Acuity’s AR700 series is especially designed to measure to glowing targets. Most sensors used within this industry are equipped with the AR600’s optional filter and high power laser option.

Dimensions are captured with either single or multiple sensors. Thickness measurements are achieved with the use of two opposing sensors and a standard, PC computer.

The sensors are often protected behind insulating glass or within a protective enclosure. Acuity offers customized enclosures for the AR600 sensors through Sequence Technologies, a measurement and controls company serving the steel industry. These enclosures can be either air or water cooled so that the sensor can be placed close to hot surface targets.

Laser displacement sensors in the steel industry