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AR600 sensors used to measure hot steel.
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Accessories to maximize the performance of AR600 laser sensors

The AR600 Series will be discontinued as of June 2009 and replaced with the AR700 Series.

Options for the AR600 laser displacement sensor include an AC/DC power supply, laser power upgrades, an optical band pass filter, current loop output, a software library and an alphanumeric display. It is also possible to order a special road-profiling package for the AR600 sensor. If you have special sensor configuration needs, please let Acuity know.

Optical Band Pass Filter
This item is Installed internally and it eliminates 96% of environmental light. It is intended for use with glowing or brightly lit targets when the maximum possible sample rate is required and Background Light Elimination mode is not desirable. If you have an outdoor application for laser sensors, order this option. Visible and infrared versions are available.

Road Profiling Option
Acuity produces a bundle of options specifically targeting the needs of the road profiling community. These options include a 20 mW laser, a band pass filter, analog output and optimized firmware which permits the highest sampling rates on dynamically changing road surface colors.

Power Supply
The power supply is hard-wired into the AR600 optical sensor cable to supply the needed 24 volts (sensor accepts 12-30 Volts DC). The unit is a universal AC power supply for AR200 sensors. 100-240V, 0-60 Hz. Offered only with a US recepticle plug.

Laser Diode Power Upgrades
In some instances it is desireable to increade the output power from the sensor's diode. This is especially true when the sensor will be used outdoors or on very dark or shiny targets. The higher laser power generates a stronger return signal off the target surface. AR600 lasers that are standard with 1 mW visible diosdes can be upgraded to 5mW. Acuity AR600 sensors with ranges greater than 6 inches are standard with 5 mW visible lasers and can be upgraded to 20 mW, Class IIIb infrared lasers.

Crandun Technologies Software libraries for Acuity products
Crandun Technologies makes a software developer's kit for the AR600Software libraries for the line scanner drastically ease the programmer's burden of writing application code. The product is written by Crandun Technologies. The AR600 Software Library provides a "plug-and-play" software interface to the Acuity AR600 laser measurement senosr so you can concentrate on your application functionality, rather than on hardware interfacing or data collection details. The library is only for the RS232 output mode.

This software library is licensed on a per-sensor-basis and discounts are available for multi-sensor users. To convince yourself of the value of these software libraries, read our Top Ten reasons to purchase Crandun software libraries.
Download the AR600 Software Library from the Crandun website.
You will need to purchase a keycode to run this library with your sensor.

Serial Output Display
Alphanumeric display shows serial data from AR600 sensorThis product option is a simple alphunemeric character display. It comes with AC power plug and 6 foot cord. The AR200 sensor's RS232 output is connected directly to the display via terminal blocks. The product is manufactured by Vorne and is an encased display with bright green characters, .35" high. It displays output from AR200 serial port in inches or mm, or current loop. The green dot matrix vacuum fluorescent unit displays 20 characters in one line. The rugged display panel supports 128 ASCII characters. Dimensions: 9.7" by 2.8" by 4.6" deep. 10.0" by 3.1" panel flange. View more technical information about the display at the Vorne Industries website.

Options and accessories for AR600 laser displacement sensors