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Acuity AR600 laser displacement sensors
Product overview: Digital distance meters for heavy industry applications

The AR600 Series will be discontinued as of June 2009 and replaced with the AR700 Series.

AR600 laser sensor is standard with a 2m serial cable and a 2m power / analog cableThe AccuRange 600 series is a family of triangulating laser displacement sensors with excellent accuracy and sensitivity. Acuity offers over eleven AR600 models with spans to measure 0.125 inches (3.125 mm) to 50 inches (1.27m).

The AR600 laser displacement sensor models employ triangulation measurement principles with a CMOS detector array. This technique yields accurate distance measuring and unmatched sensitivity on targets with low reflectivity.

The AR600 optical measurement sensor projects a beam of visible laser light that creates a spot on the target surface. The reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by a CMOS line scan camera and the target's distance is computed from the image pixel data. The size of the measurement triangle is a function of the sensor span and case length.thickness gauging using opposing laser sensors

Thickness gauging is achieved by using two opposing sensors with laser spots aimed at opposite sides of a target. The sensor readings are subtracted from the sensor separation distance to yield a real-time thickness measurement. For the most accurate thickness measurements, the sensors should be synchronized using a single serial port to sample "on-command".

AR600 laser displacement sensors for thickness gauging