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Common industrial applications for AR600 sensors
Laser displacement sensors for hardwood thickness, steel gaging, road profiling and rubber thickness

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The AccuRange 600 laser displacement sensors are versatile devices used in many application. Common applications include the following:

Lumber measurement
Acuity sensors are used to measure and verify the dimensions of logs and cut lumber. The digital CMOS technology performs well on dark and light colors.

Road Profiling
The AR600-6 laser measuring sensor with the optional road profiling package is adopted by manufacturers of lightweight road profilers. These vehicular machines are used to measure fine and macro features on road surfaces. The road profiling option from Acuity guarantees high accuracy at high speeds in sunny daytime conditions. The product is commonly used by members of the Road Profiling Users Group.

Steel measurements
Steel castings require the measurement of hot, radiating material. This is best performed with non-contact laser sensors. The Acuity sensors excel at this application when equipped with a high-power infrared laser and a narrow band pass filter. Also see the page for hot steel slab width measuring sensors.

Rubber thickness measurements
The AR600-4 with a 5 mW laser diode is selected by an international reinforced rubber conveyor belt manufacturer to replace existing methods. Acuity sensors perform accurately on black, shiny rubber surfaces.

Concrete block height measurements
Popular architectural pavers are manufactured using a vibrating press. The product is produced on steel pallets. These pallets pass beneath a height measurement system using Acuity laser displacement sensors.

Package dimensioning
Large distribution center use laser systems to measure the dimensions of cardboard boxes traveling down a conveyor. The AR600 laser sensor accurately measures these dimensions which are later verified against known dimensions stored in the parcel's bar code.- see Automation Brochure

Thickness Measurements
Two opposing lasers measure to two sides of a target to report the target's thickness. The benefits of using lasers include high accuracy and non-contact measuring.

Plywood sheet thickness gaging
Sawmills are harsh environments that demand accurate laser sensors under dusty conditions.

thickness measuring, steel gaging and laser measuring with AR600 sensor