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Pan & Tilt units for computer-controlled positioning of laser rangefinders
Designed for high-speed, accurate positioning of payloads at high speeds

pan tilt unit sold by AcuityAR4000 atop a pan-tilt unitThis computer-controlled pan-tilt unit aims the AR4000 distance measuring rangefinder with high precision and steadiness. The device compliments the accuracy of the Acuity rangefinder and allows user's to quickly move the device to capture several measurement. The device can also be integrated with a joystick or trackball.

The pan-tilt unit is controlled from a host computer via RS-232.485.

The unit moves up to 300°/second and has a resolution of 0.012857°.

Download the Pan-tilt unit data sheet File size 511K

Download the mechanical drawing illustration of the pan tilt unit from Directed Perception.


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