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External power supply for the AR4000
Ensuring proper functionality starts with clean power at the correct voltage

The white box is the power supply in this pictureThe optional AC to DC power supplies for the AR4000 rangefinders provide operating power and temperature stabilization heater power to the sensors.

They are housed in NEMA-4 polycarbonate enclosures and are normally permanently attached to the AR4000 power/signal cable, with 6 feet (2m) of cable between the sensor and power supply.

An additional 4 feet of cable extends beyond the power supply for reading the sensor's optional current loop and other outputs. The LIR Power Supply also includes the keyswitch and interlock jack required for CFR certification for Class IIIb lasers.

Input voltage range for the power supplies is 80 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. All 4000-LIR systems purchased by end users must include the power supply or the IR Interlock Box in order to meet FDA regulations.

OEM users that do not order sensors with these interlocks are responsible for supplying the required keyswitch, removable jack or another suitable interlock.

Power supply dimensions are 6.73 by 3.15 by 4.75 inches (171 x 80 x 121 mm). The power supplies are permanently attached to the sensors with 6 feet (2m) of cable.

The power supplies may be installed with the High Speed Interface. The High Speed Interface can supply power to the AR4000 sensors from the computer in which it is installed, but if the voltage level is inadequate (5.0 V min) or the current for the sensor is inadequate, an AR4000 power supply may be used instead to guarantee reliable sensor operation.

It is not uncommon for new customers of the Acuity laser rangefinder to apply the incorrect voltage to their laser rangefinder. In cases of insufficient voltage, the green LED on the back of the sensor will flash and the sensor will behave erratically. In cases of >6.0V, circuitry often controlling the laser power may burn out and must be repaired at the factory. Such repairs can not be carried out in the field.

Power supply for the AR4000 laser rangefinders