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High speed interface cards for the AR4000 time of flight sensor
Sampling speeds using external cards that sit into a PC computer bus

PCI version of the HSIF card for the Acuity laser rangefinder and laser scannersThe AccuRange High Speed Interface (HSIF) is used to increase the sample rate capability of a AR4000 laser rangefinder while tracking the mirror position on the AccuRange laser line scanner, using any PC-compatible or PC-104 bus computer.

Acuity offers four models of HSIF cards including ones for ISA, PCI and PC104 formats. All cards enable a maximum sampling rate of 50,000 samples per second. A specialized PCI version is even capable of 200,000 samples per second and buffer the data for reading by the host computer.

The high speed interface card from Acuity represents a hassle-free means of increasing the sampling rate of the AR4000 laser rangefinder and tracking the mirror position through the optical encoder on the line scanner.

The board is available with a PCI, PC-104 or ISA bus interface. The AccuRange HSIF includes the interface, user's manual, demonstration / diagnostic software. The input to the card is a pulse-width output (square wave) from the rangefinder. It also takes the lower-level outputs of the laser rangefinder such as AMPLITUDE, AMBIENT LIGHT LEVELS and TEMPERATURE to calculate a calibrated distance reading.

The PCI version of the card is standard with a 64 KB buffer size as well as two motor controllers (voltage controlled) and two single-ended optical encoder readers. The card can be ordered with differential encoder readers as well. The ISA and PC-104 interface cards are standard with a 16K buffer size and a 2-channel motor power control and motor encoder reader.

Acuity offers software developer's kits to be used with the AR4000 in conjunction with the high speed interface cards.

The following are technical documents available for download. Data sheets are brief specification sheets describing the features of the product. User's manuals are installation and operating guides for Acuity products.

> Download PCI High Speed Interface Data Sheet File size 170 KB

> Download PCI High Speed Interface User's Manual File size 1.3 MB

> Download ISA / PC-104 High Speed Interface Data Sheet File size 501 KB

> Download ISA / PC-104 High Speed Interface User's Manual File size 298 KB

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