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Close focu optics improves sensitivity of laser rangefinder
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Close focus optics for the Acuity laser rangefinder
Tuned laser optics for accurate measurements to mid-range targets

The sensitivity of the standard AR4000 rangefinder increases with distance from zero to 9 feet (2.7 m), and then gradually drops off from 9 feet to 54 feet (16.5m) All AR4000 models may be ordered with a close focus configuration.

If an application requires maximum sensitivity at less than 9 feet and does not require operation beyond 16 feet, the optical focus can be adjusted to move the point of greatest sensitivity to shorter distances. This is one way to get the best performance out of the AR4000 laser rangefinder when being used at close, known distance ranges. A typical application that necessitates CFO is transverse road profiling of asphalt. In this case, the road profiling engineers designate the maximum range based on the height of their scanner (using the laser sensor) above the endpoints of a car lane.

The customer specifies the minimum and maximum operating range and the optics are tuned accordingly. The optics are adjusted and permanently mounted at manufacture, so retrofitting the Close Focus Optics carries additional charges. The sensor is only calibrated in the specified range.

Laser rangefinder : close focus optics