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Acuity laser rangefinder - optical band pass filter
Long-range distance measuring equipment for industrial and academic environments
For sunlit or very brightly lit targets, or when the target is glowing in the visible or near IR (at a temperature of 1000° F or higher), the optical interference filter is recommended for the Acuity laser rangefinder.

Acuity bandpass filter transmits light of a particualr wavelength

This is a narrowband filter matched to the laser wavelength and permanently installed in the AR4000 device in front of the photodiode.

The filter blocks 96% of light to which the 4000's detector element is sensitive. It is availabe for all three Acuity laser rangefinder models, the LIR, the LV and the RET.

The filter is installed internally in the AR4000 at manufacture and the focusing of the collection optics is adjusted for it, so retrofitting the Optical Filter carries additional charges.

Laser rangefinder : AR4000 equipment overview