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Common accessories for the Acuity laser rangefinder
Options for increasing sampling speed and using optical sensors outdoors

Acuity laser rangefinders can be used for diverse distance measuring applications. Our three standard models may benefit from the use of options or accessories. An example of an application that would require accessories is an outdoor distance measurement application. If your needs are for faster sampling speeds, consider Acuity's offerings of High Speed Interface Cards.

Here is a quick reference of accessories:

> High speed interface card for laser rangefinder and laser line scanner
> Power supply for laser rangefinder
> High power laser option for AR4000-LIR
> Optical band pass filter for AR4000
> Close focus optics for Acuity laser rangefinders
> Optional alphanumeric display for Acuity sensor
> Safety interlock box
> Pan Tilt devices for Acuity laser rangefinder
> Crandun Technologies Software libraries for Acuity rangefinder
> Clamp and Swivel mount for the AR4000

The High Power Laser is an option for the AR4000-LIR laser rangefinder. It increases the laser power output from 8 mW to 20mW. Select this option if you plant to use the sensor outdoors, your target is brightly lit or your target is very dark in color.

Acuity's optical band pass filter improves the performance of the AR4000 series sensors in outdoor conditions, brightly lit environments or if the target is radiating.

Close focus optics enhance the performance of our rangefinders for applications below 16 feet. We focus the optics to measure within the customer's specified minimum and maximum range.

If you need to sample faster than the standard 700 Hz (serial RS232) or 1000 Hz (current loop), consider adding an AccuRange High Speed Interface Card. These cards permit sampling as high as 200,000 Hz for rapidly moving targets. 50 KHz and 200 KHz speeds are available.

The AR4000 rangefinders require 5-6 Volts DC power. If you are concerned about furnishing this power, consider an Acuity AC/DC power supply. We hard-wire the supply to the sensor and all you do is plug it into an outlet receptacle.

An alphanumeric display will show the sensor's ASCII output in big, bright characters.

Government safety regulations sometimes require the use of interlocks on Class 3B lasers. If you are not an original equipment manufacturer and need to use the AR4000-LIR, you can order it with an external interlock box.

Pan Tilt Units are often complementary to Acuity rangefinder applications. This device will aim your laser sensor via software program control or with a joystick or trackball.

Acuity rangefinders are mounted to your own bracket with the four, threaded screw holes on the back of the sensor enclosure. If your application is one that requires constant repositioning, consider Acuity's clamp and swivel mount.

Crandun Technologies Software libraries for Acuity products should be purchases at the time of ordering your sensor. Software libraries for the sensor drastically ease the programmer's burden of writing application code. The product is written by Crandun Technologies. The CTI Software Library provides a "plug-and-play" software interface to the Acuity AR4000 laser distance sensor and High-Speed Interface Card, so you can concentrate on your application functionality, rather than on hardware interfacing or data collection details.

Laser rangefinder : options and accessories