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Acuity laser rangefinder - The AR4000
Long-range distance measuring equipment for industrial and academic environments
acuity laser rangefinder uses time of flightThe AccuRange 4000 laser rangefinder is Acuity's fastest distance measuring too for measuring long distances. Employing time-of-flight measuring principles, the rangefinder can accurately gage distances up to 54 feet (16.45 m).

Non-contact measurement is made simple with the three models within the AR4000 rangefinder series that have different laser diodes. All models are compact and durable, residing in a NEMA-4 enclosure for challenging industrial environments.

The AR4000-LIR laser rangefinder has a working range to 54 feet on light surfaces (85% diffuse reflectance, such as paper or light paint) or 35 feet on a 30% reflectance target with an accuracy of 0.1 inches. It uses an infrared 780 nm 8 milliwatt laser. This is the sensor of choice for best accuracy in most applications. An optional 20 mW laser upgrades is also available for the AR4000-LIR sensor for extended range to darker surfaces (54 feet on 30% reflectance) and in sunlight.

The AR4000-LV rangefinder has a working range of zero to 40 feet on 85% diffuse reflectance surfaces or 30 feet on a 30% reflectance target with an accuracy of 0.3 inches. It uses a visible 670 nm 5 milliwatt laser. This is the sensor of choice where a visible beam spot is required or your application must remain under and FDA Class 3B (EN 60825-1 Class 3B) laser category.

The AR4000-RET distance measuring rangefinder is used with reflective tape supplied with the sensor. It is a low-power, Class I eye-safe device, with an accuracy of 0.1 inches with a range of 2 to 54 feet. This is the sensor of choice where it is possible to apply the adhesive-backed retroreflective tape to the target surface, since this provides a strong return signal for optimum operation.

The LIR and LV models can be used in conjunction with the spinning mirror assembly and high speed interface card to make a laser line scanner for profiling scenes and objects.

Laser rangefinder : AR4000 equipment overview