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AR400 laser rangefinder used outdoors to measure logs
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Common Acuity laser range finder applications
Long-range distance meter for lumber positioning and profiling, crane measurement and bridge height measuring

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The AR4000 laser rangefinders are commonly used to measure long distances with great accuracy. The device's compact design and concentric measuring principles allow it to be placed in very tight spaces. This Acuity product has been adopted in many applications and markets including the forest products industry, crane and hoist applications, paper production and roadway environment data collection.

The AR4000-LIR and high power laser and optical band pass filter is and ideal product for outdoor measuring applications.

Common applications:

> Hoist application for Acuity laser rangefinder
> Sawmill automation with AR4000 rangefinder
> Laser sensors used for road profiling
> Rangefinders in the cattle industry
> Cement and mineral industries use laser rangefinders

Common applications and uses for the range finder