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AR400 laser rangefinder used outdoors to measure logs
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Sawmill automation with Acuity laser rangefinders
Laser sensor measures position and length of cut logs
laser rangefinders automate sawmill operationsAcuity laser rangefinders are commonly used throughout the forest products manufacturing industry. The devices accurately measure the distance to cut logs, lumber and can even gage the thickness of wood veneer.

In the U.S Pacific Northwest and at international sites, engineers choose the AR4000-LIR rangefinder because of its ability to measure over 50 feet to difficult targets and it can repeatedly do it in harsh environments.

The forest products industries are highly automated. In the example below, a customer plans to integrate Acuity sensors into his sawmill application. The rangefinder measures the distance to the butt ends of cut logs as they travel down the "log ladder". The ladder is 37 feet long and logs range in length from 8 feet to 35 feet. The customer takes in the laser rangefinder's 4-20 mA current loop output into his PLC to determine the log's length and position as it proceeds to sawmill applications.

For more information about integrating laser sensors into your material handling application, contact Acuity or a systems integrator professional.

Laser sensors in sawmills