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AR4000 laser rangefinder applications
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Hoist application for AR4000 laser rangefinder
An overhead crane lifts aerospace components in a test cell
hoist height measurement with Acuity rangefinderA major aircraft engine maintenance and overhaul facility at San Francisco International Airport uses the AccuRange 4000-LV laser rangefinder to reduce their margin for error in critical hoisting applications.

After the successful overhaul of a jet engine, maintenance engineers run the engine in a state-of-the-art quality assurance test cell. Overhead hoists lift the heavy engine from an adaptor and carry it to the test cell fixture.

The AccuRange 4000-LV sensor reports critical range information so the maintenance engineers can clear fixed obstacles and gently deliver the heavy engine into a secure fixture. The company has been using Acuity products since 1998.

This application is similar to that used to measure cranes and hoists in the steel industry or shipping industry

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Hoist application for AR4000 laser rangefinder