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AR3000 distance measuring sensor options and accessories

The AR3000 laser distance sensor is standard with RS232 and analog outputs. Optional hardware is listed below. Acuity has relationships with vendors of specialized enclosures. Contact us if you have any questions.


The AR3000 can be ordered with a 2 m (6 ft.) cable that has a Binder series 425 connector to mate to the sensor's Binder series 723 port.

Laser Divergence

The standard AR3000 model includes an optical design with a laser divergence of 2 milliradians. This is suitable for most applications. In some applications, the sensor with this configuration will not measure accurately at ranges < 8 meters to dark-colored surfaces. The AR3000 can be specially ordered with a wider laser divergence of 10 milliradians. This greatly improves performance at close ranges to all surface reflectivities, but limits the overall range to <50 meters.

Touch Panel Display **NEW**
Touch Panel Display is a controller for Acuity sensorsThe Acuity™ Touch Panel Display is a stand-alone terminal interface for use with Acuity laser distance sensors. These fully-enclosed units replace panel meters, alphnumeric displays and analog controllers by providing a modern interface through a full-color LCD and touch screen. The Touch Panel Display communicates with one or two Acuity sensors using their serial interfaces. Sensors can be easily configured using on-screen buttons to display and scale their distance outputs. Relative dimensions can be measured using a tare function. With dual RS232 serial inputs from two Acuity sensors, the touch panel serves as a thickness gauge and display, an application which previously demanded a PC computer and custom software programming. Using a single RS485 serial interface, the Panel can transmit thickness and dimensional information to external devices.
Download the Touch Panel Display data sheet (PDF 1MB)

Alphanumeric display

alphanumeric display for serial interface on Acuity laser sensorsThis product option is a simple alphunemeric character display. It comes with AC power plug and 6 foot cord. The AR4000 sensor's RS232 output is connected directly to the display via terminal blocks. The product is manufactured by Vorne and is an encased display with bright green characters, .35" high. The display uses vacuum fluorescent technology. It displays output from the AR4000 rangefinder serial port in inches or mm, or current loop. The green dot matrix vacuum fluorescent unit displays 20 characters in one line. The rugged display panel supports 128 ASCII characters. Dimensions: 9.7" by 2.8" by 4.6" deep. 10.0" by 3.1" panel flange. Power options include 110 VAC or DC power options.

View more technical information about the display at the Vorne Industries website.

Pan-tilt Unit

pan-tilt unit for AR1000This computer-controlled pan-tilt unit aims the AR4000 distance measuring rangefinder with high precision and steadiness. The device compliments the accuracy of the Acuity rangfinder and allows user's to quickly move the device to capture several measurement. The device can also be integrated with a joystick or trackball.

The pan-tilt unit is controlled from a host computer via RS-232.485.

The unit moves up to 300°/second and has a resolution of 0.012857°.

Download the Pan-tilt unit data sheet File size 511K

Download the mechanical drawing illustration of the pan tilt unit from Directed Perception

Pan Tilt Units are often complementary to Acuity rangefinder applications. This device will aim your laser sensor via software program control or with a joystick or trackball.


Laser distance sensor : options and accessories