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AR200 laser measurement sensors measure curved objects in an automotive application
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AR200 laser measurement sensor technical data

Discussion of the common specifications for Acuity's compact, non-contact laser sensor
terminology of the Acuity laser triangulation sensorSee below for technical data DOWNLOADS

The Acuity AR200 laser measurement sensors project a beam of visible laser light that creates a spot on a target surface. Reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by a CMOS line scan camera inside the AR200 sensor. The target’s distance is computed from the image pixel data. The AR200 can not be overloaded and measures accurately even when a mirror reflects the entire light beam back to the detector. This measurement principle is called triangulation. The signals are processed digitally and output on an RS232 line or are converted to an analog signal.

Although the AR200 laser measuring tools use metric nomenclature, the spans are in fact quarter, half, one and two inches for the -6, -12, -25 and -50 models, respectively.

Click to Enlarge the AR200 side panel artAR200 laser sensors are fast as well as accurate. The maximum sampling speed of the AR200 sensor is 1250 samples per second with a resolution of 0.03% of the measuring span. The AR200 is standard with many digital and analog outputs.

This Acuity model can only withstand temperatures to 50°C. Under some applicaiton circumstances, the AR200 laser measurement sensor can be used to measure to glass.

AccuRange™ 200 sensor data sheet
This four-page specification brochure shares all of the technical details about the sensor includeing electrical, mechanical, software and physical specifications. The data sheet describes the principles of laser triangulation, a glossary of terms pertinent to this sensor and displays a comparison chart for all four AR200 models. Please note that our data sheets are updated frequently and the latest revisions reside on this website.
Download the AccuRange 200 laser sensor Data Sheet

Acuity's AR200 sensor User's Manual
This user's manual is a multi-page document which explains how to operate and install the sensor hardware. Download the AccuRange 200 device User's Manual

Acuity's AR200 Power / Data interface User's Manual
This two-page diagram shows how to make connections between the sensor and the terminal blocks within the interface box for power and data output.
Download the Power / Data Interface User's Manual Adobe PDF file size 800 KB

AR200 laser sensor demonstration Software
This software is used to quickly and easily setup your AR200 laser measuring sensors. The graphical user interface makes it simple to configure the settings. Acuity demo software requires the download of the version release zip file as well as the National Instruments™ Visa. To install the demo software, run setup.exe. After this, install the visa300runtime.exe file.
Download AR200 demo software or source code
This link will take you to a permission form and from there, you will have immediate access to the program.

Procedure for connecting a 9 pin serial plug (DB9) to an AR200 laser sensor
Acuity sensors have RS232 output This document clearly illustrates the apprpriate procedure for connecting a female DB9 connector to the bare wires of an AR200 laser measurement sensor.
Download the RS232 connection prcedure for the AR200 Adobe PDF file size 250 KB

Technical data overview for the AR200 laser sensors