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Common Applications: Acuity AR200 laser measurement sensors
Short range laser sensors in steel thickness and semiconductor automation

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The AR200 laser measurement sensors are versatile, non-contact devices found in many industrial applications around the world. Users appreciate the compact design and many output formats at a low cost.

The AR200 is one of Acuity's newest devices that includes CMOS digital detection, serial and analog outputs and the most compact design. Examples of AR200 sensor applications include:

Semiconductor Industry
This industry requires compact sensors to measure and control silicon wafers during semiconductor fabriaction.

Steel strip mill automation
Integrators use two opposing AR200 laser measurement sensors to gage the thickness of steel strip.

Postal automation
Postal system manufacturers use the AR200 to count letter packs in sorting facilities

Automotive testing with laser sensors
Brake pedal displacement and position measurement with AR200 sensors

Lumber Industry
Laser caliper from a pair of AR200 laser measurement sensors

Common applications for AR200 laser measurement sensors